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Tune Up Heart

made several trips to and around Ireland.

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   travelled along the South  and West coast : driving -walking - talking - singing and playing in pubs. Beginning at 10 o'clock p.m. until 2 o'clock in the morning ...

So "See you after breakfast" meant that we used to meet at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon ...

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Seal Harbour - name of the bay and title of the third CD of . Right here the first track of the CD was arranged.




Passing  the highlights of the westcoast TUNE UP enjoyed the fantastic scenery and stopped every now and then to play music in the streets of Killarney, Dingle, Kenmare or at the Cliffs of Moher. 
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In the mid 90s a German newspaper printed an article about an Irish music school in County Clare - the  County of Irish music. Bill McNamara, a great flute and whistle player and a warm-hearted Irishman ran this  school called "The Flowing Tide". 

Bill kept his doors open for and organised gigs in pubs in the area. He showed and taught    essential elements of Irish music and culture. John helped to improve the sound of the fiddlers.


TUNE UP had a great time playing in pubs and learning a lot about Ireland, its people and its music. 

TUNE UP took part in the  “Mrs Crotty Festival“ in Kilrush.
They played two nights in a nice pub called  Percy French  in Kilrush

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Sadly the school was forced to close years ago. It had become a victim of the financial crisis. SOS - gigs (Save Our School) were organized to collect money to save the project... read more

Bill-BayWhite Strand  - a place mentioned in many songs  - within walking distance of the  music school.

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  TUNE UP in Bill's living room...

and on a visit to Connemara...

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Favourite sign of `s bass player... 

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 Favourite sign of the drivers ...


Favourite sign of shepards without mobiles ...



The All Ireland Fleadh in Enniscorthy  in the South-East of Ireland - TUNE UP gained a lot of experience performing traditional Irish music. 
After having listened to the best  musicians of different ages for hours and having walked around the crowded town listening to uncountable groups of  buskers TUNE UP eventually joined in.  After the second tune the audience had grown up to about 150 people. There you go!

TUNE UP really appreciated that everyone was so friendly and there was no single one who cared about the fact that a band from Germany played Irish music,Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes. 

During other trips through Ireland TUNE UP went to the Fleadh in Listowel, County Kerry and in 2005 to Letterkenny , Donegal   -   having the same wonderful experiences.

Dingle Bay

Dingle Bay