Kevin and Cristina at Wells for Zoë

November-December 2018: Kevin and Cristina visit WELLS FOR ZOE in Malawi to work thereIMG-20181104-WA0000

Wells for Zoë offers the opportunity to spend some time working in Malawi.
Many use this opportunity to get to know the organization and to support it in this way.
The journey and the stay are financed by the volunteers themselves.
Information is available here

Kevin ( here ) and Cristina ( here ) were in Malawi in November and December 2018.


Some impressions of their visit in pictures:

Arrival via the very strenuous land route from the north, from Tanzania.

Kevin Cristina Welcome

Planning the changes to the pump design to improve performance and durability with Harisen.


Collaboration in the pump factory, Kevin installs a CNC milling machine and writes a software code that makes it easy to manufacture valve parts.CNC Factory

Kev Factory

Wells for Zoe employees and volunteers are always welcome.IMG-20181111-WA0002

Burnt bricks, some of which are used for the well construction on the left.


The villagers (from 8 to 80 years old) help. Wells for Zoe can not and does not want to be active without their own initiative and cooperation. Upon completion, the well will be handed over to the sole responsibility of the village.IMGP5039

The "building supervision" ...IMGP5071

Assembly of pump parts on site.IMG-20181218-WA0003

Testing of the new pump.IMG-20181218-WA0014

The handing over of the new pump to the inhabitants of the village.20181218_120855

How many liters does this woman carry home? But at least only a short distance and not 5 miles! On the right is the new pump.

Another pump shortly before the handover.


Cristina attends a preschool  from Wells for Zoe

Christina Maez

Cristina and Kevin visit a school ... singing together ...


making friends...


John Coyne (takes the picture) and Mary Coyne (far right) visited Malawi in December 2018.
Here's a part of the Wells for Zoe Team - with Volunteers Cristina and Kevin.IMG-20181130-WA0001

More information can be found here by clicking on the pictures:

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