SAM Dalferth

sam1234 Samuel Dalferth 05c Sam2014 samstudio fiddle piano
sound manager on CDs and on  stage




Basti2014 Sebastian Dalferth 05 KNVS20102 DalferthSebastian

mostly bass - sometimes bouzouki
"Lord of the lights" with Tune Up



KEVIN Dalferth

Kevin Dalferth Kevin Dalferth whistle kevin2012
bodhrán - the rhythm of the band

vocals  - great harmonies
sometimes guitar & low whistle



CESCA Dalferth

breathless with jigs und reels - dreamy at the harp

  TUNE UP - Cescak  Cesca Dalferth wodan4  Cesca Dalferth harp  cescaundsam2012 

tin and low whistle - Northumbrian Smallpipes - harp - Uilleann Pipes - dulcimer - vocals - flute


MICHAEL Dalferth

different instruments... different tunings...

Michael Dalferth 2014 michael32 Michael Dalferth 2 Michaeldalferth2012

guitar - bouzouki - mandolin - vocals - sometimes fiddle or B/C box



Gabi und Cesca Dalferth Gabriele_Dalferth kevin dalferth wodan  DalferthGabi vocals - flute - tin whistle - low whistle - concertina



KLAUS Klötzer

There's no song on this planet he doesn't know a story to... ;-)

Klaus2014 KlausKloetzer wodan Klaus_Kloetzer10k  KlausKloetzer Schrklaus Klaus Kloetzer 2015

cittern - vocals - guitar - bodhrán / cajon


SARAH Tilscher

sarah Tilscher chistaz Sarah Tilscher 04 Sarah Tilscher 06 Sarah Tilscher 01k  Sarah Tilscher 07


Sarah played the   fiddle in spring 2015,
because Sam was abroad for months working on several musical projects.
Sarah brought some new tunes from the "celtic corners of Vancouver" to the band...
... well....TUNE UP is happy to have her in the band from now on :-).


Come and listen :-) !

So   looked like this in spring 2015:  


or like thatTU 2015 SaSa


Gabriele also makes and plays boneflutes - not with Tune Up ;-)    - more here